Sunday, 15 June 2014

Canada - The first days..

Calgary City
Calgary Tower
Calgary - Wow what a place!  When I landed on the 26th of April it was snowing - yes I said snowing!!  The plane landed IN SNOW!!  I couldn't believe it!  I was not equipped for the snow! 

I landed - took me two hours to get through immigration and then it was in!  Ha!! They can't get rid of me now!!

First night and I was out in the snow - was lucky enough to met my cousins best friend and her mates.  It was such a great night out! I have not looked back since! 

The Bear, the Beever and The Bee!!  hehe
Calgary put on a great show for me for the first few days.. the sky was clear enough to see the rockies from the Calgary Tower.  I walked around and explored the town. It was strange being in a new city but it felt like home.. I was walking on air the first few days (still am!)

Um..there is no floor
I walked around and was just taking some photos.  Everything here is very cowboy related (the nightclub/casino Cowboys) and Stampede related.  There are more "trucks" here than I could ever hope for and whenever I start to feel sorry for myself Calgary reminds me that I am here - in Canada - where anything is possible and is a wonderful place.  The saying here is "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 mins and it will change"  That is what I feel like, if i start to feel like I am missing home or I am just missing being able to call my oldest friends and say - hey, come for a beer, this place puts something in front of me so I stop and realize  how lucky I am!! 

Enough of the soppy stuff!  I visited the Calgary Tower which stands 191M tall - it is a free standing building and has one of the fastest elevators that I have been on!!  They have a restaurant there (think I may need to visit that when people start to visit me, hint hint!!)But the coolest thing was the glass floor.  I didn't realize that it was there till i was on top of it!  I must admit I did walk backwards pretty quick!! Once I got used to the idea I was okay (ish!!)
Random art (all horse related!)

The streets of Calgary

After organising all the "official" stuff so I can work (like a phone and a bed and a place to live!) I started to work at Flight Centre Sunridge Mall on the 1st of May!  It is funny, I knew that Flight Centre was a "cult" or sorts - all the people that I have met in Australia - the Flighties - have been all the same.  Friendly, bubbly, enthusiastic, they work hard and play hard.  It is the same in Canada, just with a different accent!! They accepted me and pulled me into their family in the same week that I was there.  I feel like I have been there for ages!  It is very different in terms of the destinations (Mexico?? you visit mexico??  I thought it was just Margaritas and drugs there!!) and the systems (Candada is about 2 years behind Aussie Flight Centre Systems!) but it is great!

So - what adventures Can I get up to here I wonder.. TBA!!  

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