Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New Zealand - Rotorua

New Zealand - Rotorua!

Well I finally made it!  I earn't my trip and got to spend a weekend in Rotorua, and what a actioned packed weekend it was too!  We did everything from White water rafting, Zorbing, Go-Karting, Jet Boating and Hobbit-ing!! 

There was 18 of us Flight Centre newbies that went on this trip from all over the state but being Flight centre people we all got along quite well!!

After flying half of the day to Auckland, we collected our hire vans and then drove to Rotorua. It was a beautiful drive, until the sun wen't down! Arrived at the Rydges in Rotorua and it was amazing!  The rooms were so spacious and the beds.. oh my gosh so comfy ! That night we relaxed in the Polynesian Spa.

The next day was one of the best!  We started the day with a quick little White Water Rafting with the River Rats!!  It was fantastic!  We went over a 7 meter drop making the course a rating of 5! After we went down the last one I wanted to head back up to do it again.  The river system was so pretty, I wasn't able to take my camera as I kinda need two hands to paddle and hang on! We had wetsuits and dry suites and life jackets.. boots and all!

Me in my white water rafting gear!

Down we go! (I'm in the back left!)

After a exciting morning we headed to Te Puia, a cultural school where not only for they have carving and a weaving school but they also conduct tours for visitors to learn about the Maori Culture, see a real life Kiwi and have a steam box lunch.  It is such a beautiful place and the food is fantastic. It was all cooked through the steam coming up from the ground and we got spoil as we had a magnificent view of a geyser while eating dinner.  

Our Group - waiting for lunch
And then after lunch - off we go Zorbing!  This was fantastic!  We got to choose what run we went down and if we wanted a wet or dry run.. Having water (which was warm) in the Zorb was the best way to go, and me being me I decided to go hard or go home and  went down the Zig Zag run first!!  Now with my weight I was able to get some speed up and get really high on the corners!!  

The Zorbing map - I did the blue Zig Zag track first and then the "Drop"!

In the Zorb ready to roll - literary!

The next day - before we flew out - we had a few stops to make.  Jet boating was the first stop! It was cold but fun.  I got more wet Jet Boating than I did white water rafting! It was really nice to be out on the water, we got to see a bit more of the lake which was nice.  We then went Go-Karting and 4WDing.  The 4WD had two steering wheels - one for the front wheels and one fr the back!  It was great fun.. I would do that all again!!  It went sideways driving and all sorts!  After this excitement we went to where the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings was filmed.  I haven't seen the films but the place was huge and really pretty.  I couldn't get over the fact that it was so green and just over the hill from the set were sheep grazing!

it was a bit cold!

A Hobbit house

And that was Rotorua! - I had a ball and will definitely go there again to check more of NZ out.  It was such a pretty place, A lot like Australia.. Maybe not when it is so cold though!!  

Wonder where the next place will be - TBA!!