Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hong Kong - Beautiful

Well as I arrived into New Zealand - I was told that I had won a trip to Hong Kong with Qantas!!  For departure in two weeks time!!  Whoa! So I was very excited! 

So after a few days working (!) and a load of washing I was packed ready to go again. This time I went with three others from my area.. and we flew - BUSINESS!! Was so excited when we found out!!

Having a "Bolly" in the first class lounge before take off!
I can tell you that I had the best time in that plane!  It was one of the new A380's and Business Class was fantastic!  I would reccomend it anytime!  Even if you do it one way home it is the best!  The people were fantastic, the food great and then best thing for me was the fact that I could LIE DOWN FLAT without touching the seat in front of me!  I was so excited!! 

Sleeping Beauty!
Harbour Lights
 So after the relaxing flight over we landed in Hong Kong and it was hot and humid and it felt like home again!  It was a beautiful city at night.  The lights at the harbor was great.  The hotel we stayed in the first night was a lot to be desired but that was okay as we all had had a great sleep on the plane!!  (hehe) Our twin room consisted of a double bed!  This was okay for us girls but the two boys found it hard to sleep!

Big bus tour

We decided to change hotels but only after out Big Bus tour.  It was a hop on Hop off tour that takes tourists around the city.  It is a great way to see any city and also get lots of information about the area.  (the one in Sydney and Hobart are fantastic as well!)

We got off at Langham Place hotel in MongKok.  It was fantastic the lunch we had the pleasure of eating was a 2 Michelin Star meal.  Apparently one is hard enough to get, and OH MY Gosh -  understand why they earnt the stars!  The meat just melted in my mouth!!

Bamboo Scaffolding
We did a hotel inspection and the rooms are fantastic.  I would definitely recommend staying there as the people just dote on you.  So friendly and as attentive. Loved it.

Actually all of Hong Kong is like that.  Just really nice and friendly and clean.  The funniest thing I saw was the use of Bamboo for Scaffolding!  It was everywhere! One builkding had the bamboo all over it!  

Langham Place
Symphony Of Lights
Anyways after that we got back on the bus to see a bit more then off to a few other Hotel inspections and Dinner at the Marco Polo.  Again we were very Spoilt, food was fantastic and we got to see the Symphony of Lights.  It was pretty cloudy as they had just had a typhoon go through, but it was still really goo to see. 

That night I walked the streets of Hong Kong in search of some bargins!  It was just nice to have a walk around and take in the sights and the feel of the place.

The next day we had to fly out - but not before we took a ferry trip to Hing Kong Island, saw the Staney Markets, Visited the Jumbo Restaurant (largest floating restaurant) and ate Ice cream at The Peak out of a cone with a spoon!!

Jumbo Restaurant

Oh My Gosh a spoon..

Well after all that touristing around we flew home - business class again! (Hard life!) 

Hong Kong is one place that I will go again!  It was clean and then people were friendly and the place is stunning at night.  

Home again.. more washing.. next trip is.. TBA!!